Sugarland’s Kristian Bush Casts a Spell with Solo Debut ‘Southern Gravity’

By Annie Reuter

Kristian Bush has shared the spotlight with Jennifer Nettles as one half of Sugarland for over a decade, but now he’s stepping out on his own as a solo artist. So what will strike fans first about his debut solo album Southern Gravity?

“You’ll notice that it’s me singing and that will really tie it together,” Bush joked in a recent interview with

The country singer-songwriter said he spent the past two years writing for the album.

“I overwrote for the album,” he said. “The thematic connection between them has been a little bit elusive. I traditionally write about everything in life but it’s all connected through me as the lens. This one I chose to call Southern Gravity. It’s mainly based off this interesting conversation I have as I travel. The further I get away from the South, the more the conversation turns to the South.”

Bush said the South is a very unique space on earth and he wants to paint an accurate picture for listeners through his release, which includes many love songs. “They’re all just thinly veiled love songs because who doesn’t love a love song?”

The first single off of Southern Gravity is “Trailer Hitch,” which came to be after a writer friend of his walked out the door and said, “I’ve never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch.”

“As we went through it, it was very easy to walk into the shoes of, ‘Let’s write a song that’s fun that has a message that also matters. Let’s just not bang over anybody’s head with it.’ We probably have one too many things in our life. All of us. We can probably give at least one of them back or away,” he said. “You can’t take it with you when you go. It is a question and it isn’t an answer of a song. It’s just a question, why do we all want to die rich? Isn’t there something we can do with that?”


In addition to making the listener ask questions, on Southern Gravity Bush hopes to cast a spell on his listeners.

“I would say the spell that I’m casting is love the life that you’re in. Stop wishing for it to be something else. Be comfortable with who you are and then watch dreams explode on you,” he said. “Anything is possible.”

“Trailer Hitch” is available for purchase on iTunes.


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