Lil Kim Accuses Nicki Minaj of ‘Identity Theft’ in Newest Diss Track: Listen

By Ezra Marcus

The higher they climb, the harder they fall.

That’s the logic behind Lil Kim’s “Identity Theft (Nicki Minaj Diss),” an inter-generational ballistic missile aimed at the supposed successor to Kim’s Queen of Rap throne.

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This beef’s been simmering for years, and Nicki’s recent successes (Fader cover, MTV Awards, “Flawless” remix, etc.) have stoked her rival’s competitive flames — and Kim’s own “Flawless” remix was apparently not enough.

Kim takes a wise approach on “Identity Theft”: rather than try and dominate high-octane modern production (Nicki’s specialty, let’s be real), the elder stateswoman opts for a laid-back, horn-driven beat reminiscent of her ’90s heyday.

She polishes her rap game bona-fides: “After I drop these flowers for Big off/I’ma come and blow your lid off.” Nicki is the shiny modern Ferrari to Kim’s vintage Mustang: on “Identity Theft” she demonstrates that her engine’s got plenty of juice left.

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