Kid Rock Has ‘No Idea What You’re Talking About’ Regarding ICP Glass Sex Object

By Philip Cosores

In a story you may likely recall and possibly still haunts your dreams, last month as part of a sexual harassment suit again rap-rock moguls Insane Clown Posse, Kid Rock was asked to produce a glass dildo, which was allegedly given to him by a former ICP employee.

Well, Kid Rock has responded and it can be summed up best as “WTF?”

“No idea what you’re talking about, and I definitely don’t have it. I’ve never heard of, seen, or met any people involved in this case,” Rock says, addressing the lawyers of plaintiff Andrea Pellegrini and alleged gift giver “Dirty Dan” Diamond.

Kid Rock doesn’t think this is a laughing matter (yet, he’s still pretty darn funny). Here is part of one of his letters:

Let me ask you this. Say in a lawsuit that another crappy firm was handling, your names were brought up for no reason. You wake up one morning, excited for a new day of exploiting the legal system and people dumb enough to look at your website (nice pictures btw, did you study how to look like douchebags in college?), and when you open the newspaper there’s a report from someone you’ve never heard of talking about how Jon Marko and Jim Rasor got caught molesting animals at a petting zoo while high on bath salts. Now imagine you weren’t the scumbags you are, but a citizen who has raised millions of dollars for his hometown, spent hours helping to promote the arts, had helped wounded veterans returning from combat. Say you were people who aren’t a blight on our planet – wouldn’t you be pissed off that your name, for days on end, was being mentioned in the press when EVERYONE involved knew you weren’t involved in any way? Welcome to my side of this story.

Kid Rock’s side of the story sure makes you rethink how you’ve viewed Kid Rock previously. Maybe he should be getting a mountain named after him.

No word yet on how this will affect the case, but either way, probably best to leave Kid Rock out of it.


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