Petition Demands Knighthood for Ozzy Osbourne

By Philip Cosores

Update: The original version of this story misidentified Helen Maidiotis as being 65 years old. She is 45.

Let’s be real: if we were living in medieval times, Ozzy Osborne is probably one of the last people you’d want given a sword and ordered to protect your life. But, then again, Paul McCartney and Elton John wouldn’t necessarily be much higher on the list.

These are just honorary titles, ones that mean a whole lot to the person given the title, and Ozzy Osbourne has already said he “couldn’t think of anything better” than being knighted.

So, if the 20,000 signatures of support for the Ozzman being a knight isn’t enough, maybe the knighting committee needs to reexamine its process for picking knights.

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As Osbourne has certainly accomplished a ton musically, and been a great example of turning his life around from some seriously scary places, one might not be able to think of a musician more worthy of the title. If you agree, sign this petition here.

Helen Maidiotis, 45, might say it better in her campaign for Osbourne.

“I am campaigning for Ozzy Osbourne to receive a Knighthood, as he thoroughly deserves this honour not only for all his charity work but for all his years entertaining us and helping make a difference to peoples’ lives who have looked up to him for his strong will and determination to get through the many obstacles that he has come across and for that we thank you Ozzy!” Maidiotis writes. “Helping to get him Knighted would be our gift to him.”


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