Interview: Thompson Square on Heart-Wrenching New Single ‘I Can’t Outrun You’

By Annie Reuter

Heartbreak is a standard topic in country music. And most of us can relate to it all too well, Thompson Square being no exception.

While the married duo of Keifer and Shawna Thompson are a long way now from their former heartbreak days, their new single “I Can’t Outrun You” brought them back in time.

“Everyone’s been in that situation, where you’ve been with somebody for whatever length of time, and it goes south and you try to move away, move across town —and in my case, across five, six states — and you just can’t get away from the memory with the person,” Keifer told “That’s what the song is about. It’s a wonderfully written song.”

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“I Can’t Outrun You” was written by Kyle Jacobs, Joe Leathers and Ben Glover. Jacobs and Leathers were on Thompson Square’s bus one night and asked if they could play the duo the song.

“It wasn’t really a pitch,” Keifer explained. “They played it for us, and we just loved it and got talking about it and if we should get to recording. The label was on board with it and loved it and everybody else, too.”


The song, which was inspired by a real-life situation for Jacobs, has been one of the most-requested songs at Thompson Square’s concerts. Keifer cites it as one of the “Thompson Square moments in the show,” while Shawna said the fact that they both can relate to it only helps the song’s emotion get across.

“It’s so real. We knew the story because Kyle told us the back story of the song,” Shawna said. “Even without the back story it’s just a heart-wrenching song. We’ve been through breakups before, and we know that horrible feeling when you’re trying to get over somebody because you know it’s not going to work.”

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The song initially showed the guy’s perspective, but once Shawna and Keifer got into the studio they decided to make it a duet.

“We started playing around with it and turned it into a duet, which is interesting, coming from two different perspectives,” Shawna said.

“I Can’t Outrun You” is the latest single from Thompson Square’s sophomore album Just Feels Good.


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