Courtney Love On Kurt Cobain Biopic: ‘I Am Leading The Charge’

By Philip Cosores

It’s 2014 and there still hasn’t been a proper Kurt Cobain biopic. Though his widow Courtney Love has long spoken of plans to turn the deceased grunge singer’s life into a film.

Love spoke with the Philippine Daily Inquirer and gave some insight as to just how this whole thing will go down, when it goes down.

“I don’t want to be the person who makes that decision,” Love said, regarding who will play Cobain in the eventual film. “Some beautiful blond, tragic, gorgeous actor boy is hitting on me, and why? He wants to play Kurt. So I am moving that over to the agency side. I am not Cecil B. DeMille or anything like that.”

This doesn’t mean that she won’t have any creative control.

“I do have a say in it,” adds Love. “So do Frances, and Krist [Novoselic] and Dave [Grohl], for that matter, if it touches on Nirvana — and it will. I am leading the charge because it’s time to do this.”

Love also noted that the production could begin as soon as next year, possibly based on a screenplay by Oren Moverman.


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