Adele Awarded Five-Figure Sum In Case Over Son’s ‘Milestone’ Photos

By Shannon Carlin

Adele doesn’t want someone like you to see photos of her two-year-old son, Angelo, so she’s taken legal action to protect his right to privacy. And like everyone else in the world, the court is siding with the 21 singer.

According to the BBC, Adele Adkins and her partner, Simon Konecki, brought a case against photo agency Corbis Images UK Limited over pictures of their son, Angelo Adkins’ “milestone moments.” The photo agency took the photos in June and November 2013 without the couple’s permission and then sold them to the English press.

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In court, Adele’s solicitor—the singer was not present—told the High Court in London that her son “was not and must never be public property.” Her solicitor also said Adele was saddened that her son’s “milestone moments, such as his first family outing and his first trip to playgroup, were photographed and published worldwide expressly against his family’s wishes.”

“These images were taken during private, recreational time unconnected with professional or public engagements,” the solicitor said in court. “They represent a clear infringement of our client’s right to privacy.”

The solicitor also stated that it was Adele and Konecki’s view that “these images were of routine, everyday family occasions which the paparazzi has no right to intrude upon, profit from and file away in picture libraries for future reference and use.”

Lawyers for Adele’s son have accepted a five-figure sum in damages from the photo agency, who have also agreed to pay legal costs and to not use the photos ever again.

Adele and Konecki say they will be “holding the damages on trust” for their son.

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The couple also say they will “continue to do all they can to protect Angelo’s rights in relation to the paparazzi, including taking legal action where necessary,” while also continuing to help improve the laws relating to paparazzi and children. Adele’s solicitor also said they are in contact with freelance photographers who took photos of Angelo, explaining they will take legal action if they take any more photos of Angelo.

Recently in California, a law, which Adele, along with actresses Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry, backed, was passed restricting paparazzi from taking photos of stars’ children.





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