Brad Paisley on Breastfeeding Mom at San Diego Concert: Seems ‘She Did the Absolute Wrong Thing’

"There's no way I would take a [4]-month-old baby into the pit at one of my concerts."

By Kurt Wolff

During a Brad Paisley show near San Diego last week, a woman claimed she was removed from the event by police because she was breastfeeding her 4-month-old child at the concert.

The Chula Vista Police Department, however, issued a statement that the woman (Megan Christopherson) and her baby were removed not because of breastfeeding but because the baby was in potential danger from the noise and crowds.

“The Chula Vista Police Department’s involvement in the incident was due to the welfare and safety of the infant and not due to a mother’s legal right to breastfeed in public,” the statement read. Christopherson “was near the stage wall area and mere feet away from the speakers.”

In an interview that aired today (July 18) on CBS Radio’s KFRG in Riverside, Calif., Paisley spoke for the first time about the incident—and he’s siding with the police on this one.

“It sure seemed that she did the absolute wrong thing,” Paisley said. “She’s probably picked the wrong fight.”

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Paisley made it clear that he “nothing to do with” the incident, and in fact he “never saw it happen,” referring to the point when the woman was confronted and then removed from the show. “I was somewhere else on the stage at that point.”

But, he said, “from what I was told by the authorities, according to the police it had nothing to do with breastfeeding at all. Nothing.”

He also felt that the police were in no way hassling the woman. “From what I saw in the video, it looked like they were kind,” he said. “It didn’t look like they were mean.”

A video from the event showing the woman being confronted by police was posted on YouTube but has since been removed. Portions however can be seen in this news report from ABC San Diego station KGTV, and police can clearly be heard addressing the woman on safety issues. “Your child doesn’t have hearing protection on,” an officer says. “The crowd is going to start surging forward. Where you’re at, your child can get crushed.”

Paisley agreed. “There’s no way I would take a [4]-month-old baby into the pit at one of my concerts. It seemed to me, it sure seemed that she did the absolute wrong thing.”

Paisley is a dad himself, and so his reaction to the incident came at least in part from personal experience.

“When my kids go to concerts—and believe it or not, they were there at that one, and they rarely go — they look like Princess Leia, they have these huge earphones. And they’re back at the soundboard. Because even back there it’s 100 decibels.”

And down front in the pit? That’s much louder. Not only are you hearing the concert’s basic audio, but as Paisley explained, you’re getting some serious bass. “The subs that carry the bass are right there under the stage. And this is how powerful those are: those reach the lawn. We don’t have a separate set that are way back in the amphitheater. You got a little baby that’s hearing [those] frequencies … I mean, come on!”

“People are crazy, they do some crazy things and make some bad decisions,” he continued. “And that was in every way a bad decision. And I wish she would just learn from this as opposed to pretending to be a victim.”


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