Arrows, Arrows Everywhere in Alt-J’s ‘Hunger of the Pine’ Video: Watch

By Kevin Rutherford

There’s somewhat of a Hunger Games quality to alt-J‘s new music video.

No, kids aren’t killing each other, and Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson aren’t ogling each other for two hours. But the video for “Hunger of the Pine” immediately veers into wilderness territory as its focal character has arrows shot at him.

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“Hunger of the Pine” isn’t exactly for the faint of heart; as the man in the video attempts to escape the airborne arrows, he’s shot right through the chest by one. Determined to get knocked down but get up again, he continues to stagger through the forest, attempting to avoid more arrows — though his plight is unsuccessful.

The three-minute, 46-second video includes the song’s surging, throbbing undertones as a soundtrack, a fairly formidable complement to the video’s stark visuals.

The video marks alt-J’s first for their new album, This is All Yours. The album is set for a Sept. 23 release in the United States.


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