Is Van Halen Getting Ready to Release a New Album?

By Philip Cosores

Full disclosure: We have no idea if Van Halen is nearing completion on their new album.

So why ask the question? Well, if Eddie Van Halen is visiting a mastering engineer, then perhaps something is afoot.

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This picture was posted to social media by Howie Weinberg, who has mastered a ton of albums, including the last Van Halen album, 2012’s A Different Kind of Truth. The caption on the photo reads “Eddie Van Halen came by to visit Howie at his studio.”

So, on one hand, it could mean nothing at all in terms new Van Halen, as the pair are likely old friends and a visit to his studio could mean they were just hanging out.


Or, it could mean the new Van Halen record is finished and being mastered. As pointed out by Ultimate Classic Rock, Van Halen take pride in their secrecy in the current age of social media, and have noted that the album could be ready by 2015.

David Lee Roth also confirmed in an interview late last year that the band had begun writing new material, at that putting an estimate of about 18 months before it was ready. A year from now, in other words.

But for now, we have a picture of a mastering engineer and Eddie Van Halen and not much else. Hopefully someone gets to the bottom of this sooner rather than later, or at least before the band pulls a Beyonce on us.


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