Tool Blames Lawsuit for Delay in New Music

By Jay Tilles

It’s been eight years since Tool has released an album. With all the fan speculation as to why the great delay exists, it appears theĀ culprit is a complicated lawsuit.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, guitarist Adam Jones and drummer Danny Carey explained that the trouble began in 2007 when an artist and friend of Jones sued the band for artwork he said he’d provided. The band thought they were protected because they’d purchased insurance for this type of thing. Unfortunately, the agency from which they’d purchase the insurance sued them as well over technicalities. So, the band counter-sued.

If all goes as well for the band, the case will be put to rest when it hits court in January.

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“The whole thing is really depressing,” confessed Carey to Rolling Stone. “The bad thing is it’s really time-consuming. As we’ve gotten older and our priorities have changed, it’s hard to get the band on a good, solid schedule as it is. People have kids now. And there’s lots of other things that pop up. To throw this into the mix, it makes everything that much worse and stresses people out.”

According to the drummer the case has cost the band “millions and millions and millions of dollars” and the stress has affected their sleep and relationships with each other, likening their court case to a war.

But Tool is determined to press on because they’re “fighting the good fight.”

Carey pointed out that the fans have been more than vocal in their desire for new music. Carey said he hopes to have something “really solid” recorded by year’s end, though he thought that last year too.

Tool’s last album, 10,000 Days, came out in 2006.


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