Kip Moore Talks Ticket Scalpers in Interview with ‘Combative’ ESPN Host

"Where I'm from you don't question people's character."

By Annie Reuter

Kip Moore is heading out on his first headlining tour this fall and what should be a celebrated time, has turned into a heated debate against ticket scalpers.

After an argument on Twitter with a scalper last week, as well as an ESPN radio host, Moore then took the time to speak with Jeff Thurn, host of JT in 60  yesterday (July 14) to explain his side of the story.

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“You made the comment that my fight against this was a PR move,” Moore explained on the call. “I’m gonna tell you something, buddy, you rubbed me the wrong way. You were walking on the fightin’ side of me pretty fast. I realize your job is to stir things up and be combative with people. I do things all on my own. I don’t have a team of people telling me what to do. Where I’m from you don’t question people’s character.”

Moore went on to passionately explain why he is fighting so hard for his fans. “If I don’t stand for something and I don’t fight for something, there ain’t no sense of me even breathing on this earth.”

Read his full statement below:

“I have grinded my ass off for 12 years trying to get to where I’m at now. It’s actually been longer than that, but as far as really going after this thing, I’ve honed my craft, I’ve slaved over my craft, I’ve lived in some dire conditions. Poverty line. Couldn’t keep my lights on, traveling around the country playing every crap dive you can think of.

“Now, I’ve all of a sudden built a name for myself with all the hard work I’ve done over the years and you think that it’s okay … and here’s another thing, I fought with my agent, management and everyone in keeping these tickets at an affordable cost where people like my dad that I grew up going to Braves games and we could afford to sit in the high seats, which we never could now the way we grew up. But what a release that was for a blue collar family to go and do that together. And you said that, you made the statement of, ‘Well, what difference does it make if only the people that can afford it can go and do it, don’t?’ That’s such a twisted way to think because my dad killed himself every single day working 70 hours a week and what that meant to us as kids to be able to go do that together and the release that gave us.

“That’s what I am trying to fight for and that’s the people I am trying to fight for. Now, I’ve dialed back all my production and I’ve dialed back all my costs. I’m not making nearly as much as you think I am and I am trying to make an affordable ticket and then all of a sudden these scalpers find out it’s a hot show and that they’re selling out fast and they have ways and means with their computer systems to get tickets quicker than anybody else and you are telling me, that it’s okay after all the work I’ve done over the years to finally get to this position and I am fighting for these people and that it’s OK for some weasel behind a computer to get on there and take my $45 dollar ticket and turn around and sell it for $150? And do it that fast and buy out 20 tickets? You’re telling me that’s OK? If you’re telling me that’s OK, then I don’t feel like you stand for anything, man.”

Moore added that he feels his job is to fight for his fans.

“I’m trying to make it affordable for my fans to come out and not feel like they’re strapped for the next two, three weeks because of what they just spent on the ticket. I’m trying to give them an intimate experience. It’s all for the fans. They built me so that’s what I’m fighting for,” he said. “I’ve never set out to play music to make lots of money. I set out to play music because I love to play music and I like to make people  happy and escape their problems. I’m trying to give them something special that they can take home and carry on throughout the week. When those scalpers take their opportunity from going to that show it burns me and rubs me really wrong.”

Listen to Moore’s interview on ESPN below.


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