Junior High Metal Band Unlocking the Truth Sign Million Dollar Record Deal

By Brian Ives 

Maybe now they’ll be the most popular kids in their school.

Malcolm Brickhouse, 13, Alec Adkins, 13, and Jarad Dawkins, 12 — better known as metal band Unlocking The Truth — have signed a record deal with Sony Music that could end up being worth north of a million dollars.

Oh, and they have a book deal too.

 New York Daily News reports that the Brooklyn trio (Brickhouse plays guitar, Adkins plays bass and Dawkins plays drums), who have spent the summer on the Warped Tour, signed a two album deal with an option for four more albums. The deal could be worth $1.7 million.

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The teens were discovered by session drummer Steve Jordan in New York’s Washington Square Park, where they set up to perform for passersby. They’ve gotten a good amount of attention for their public performances: this video, of them performing in Times Square, has passed 200,000 views on YouTube.

As Jordan told Radio.com  in our October 2013 “New Music To Know” piece on the band, “I was walking to the studio to work on Keith’s album,” — that would be Keith Richards — “And I heard this music and I thought, ‘Oh, that sounds pretty cool,’ and I looked and it’s these kids. And there’s a crowd gathering. They were amazing, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’m going, ‘Holy cow, this is unbelievable.’ I felt compelled to know more about them immediately.”

When we spoke with the band last year, they were playing instrumentals and contemplating finding a lead singer. Since then, their voices have dropped (you can hear what they used to sound like in the below interview) and The Daily News reports that they’re all taking vocal lessons. At the time of our interview, they had come to the decision to write their own songs instead of performing covers.

Last year, Jordan was helping to manage the band, but now, according to the Daily News, Alan Sacks is managing. Sacks was a producer/writer on the ’70s hit TV series “Welcome Back Kotter” and in more recent years has produced documentaries on the Jonas Brothers and the Dalai Lama.

Jarad’s mother, Tabatha Dawkins, is co-managing and said all three kids are entering eighth grade this year, and all attend different schools. “School work comes first. If their school work is not done, they don’t play,” she pointed out. She also said that the boys have a contract to do a book on their rise to success to be released by Penguin around Christmas. They are also filming a documentary about their experiences.

The band, who performed at Coachella in April, will open a concert for Queens of the Stone Age this Friday in Rochester, N.Y., and they perform next month at New York’s Afropunk Festival next month alongside Body Count, SZA, Fishbone and D’Angelo, as well as the Heavy Montreal festival on the bill with Metallica and Slayer. In the fall, they’ll open a string of dates for Living Colour.


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