Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees Talks So Cal, Supervillain Fashion

By Courtney E. Smith

“When I’m smiling with fans, I do the Kourtney Kardashian dead-behind-the-eyes,” Tyler Glenn tells Radio.com. It’s not because he dislikes posing with his adoring public. It’s not even a thing he means to do. Glenn simply doesn’t like his smile — or more accurately, his toothy grin.

Stars: they’re insecure about their looks, just like us.

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Glenn goes on to tell us that he used his childhood and teen influences of punk and SoCal rock to cultivate a bad guy look in his early days. Cobbling together a black leather and mohawk aesthetic was something Glenn admits was a posture to deal with both his stage fright and the bullies who didn’t like the way he dressed as a kid.

“It was a security blanket to dress tougher than maybe I was,” Glenn laughs.


These days, fashion is something Glenn enjoys dabbling in. He tells us he takes inspiration from David Bowie in the Thin White Duke era, Grace Jones and her angular vibe and super-villains. It’s true: we can’t help noticing he’s dressed in a purple suit and green shirt that is more than a little reminiscent of The Joker. Glenn insists it’s not a Heath Ledger thing. He’s more of a Jack Nicholson fan.

With his sartorialist point of view down pat, now all that’s left to do is convince Glenn to smile for the cameras.


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