Updated: Mick Jagger Is a World Cup Jinx

By Courtney E. Smith Mick Jagger is a world class rock star but when it comes to picking winning teams in the 2014 World Cup, he has come up empty handed. Now many are wondering if he is a jinx.

UPDATE: Mick Jagger attended the now infamous Germany vs. Brazil semi-finals match yesterday (July 8) and, as the world watched Brazil lost with the remarkable 7-1 score. There is no official word that Jagger was cheering for Brazil, but Billboard notes he was in attendance in, “a VIP box at the Mineirao stadium in Belo Horizonte alongside his 15-year-old son Lucas, whose mother is Brazilian model and celebrity Luciana Giminez.”

Brazilians have dubbed him “pe frio” which translates to “the jinx.”

CBS News reports that the Rolling Stones frontman used his stage in Rome on Saturday (June 21) to announce to a crowd of fans, mid-concert, that he predicted a win for Italy over Uruguay and that the former would advance to the knockout round. Italy lost that game on Tuesday, 1-0 and were eliminated from the competition.

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On June 19 the singer tweeted his support for his home team, urging England to take their game that afternoon for a win.

[tweet https://twitter.com/MickJagger/status/479692587813863425]

England lost that match to Uruguay, 2-1 and was later eliminated from the World Cup.

There’s still hope that Jagger might be able to get one of his predictions right. During a show in Lisbon in May, Jagger told the crowd that Portugal would go on to win the entire World Cup. It seemed like a safe bet since the team, led by star player Cristiano Ronaldo, were favored to win. But now the Spaniards face elimination if their match against Ghana on Thursday (June 26) doesn’t go in their favor.

Fans worldwide are undoubtedly hoping that Jagger doesn’t decide to root for their favorite team next.


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