British Teen Literally Raves His Finger Off: Report

By Scott T. Sterling

Hardcore party people have been known to “rave their faces off,” but a British teen recently took things to the next level by literally tearing his own finger off during a rowdy EDM party in the city of Croydon.

The 16-year-old, who calls himself “Josh” in an interview with Vice, explained how he found himself minus a finger when a fire alarm went off during the party, which he attended with a friend.

“Well, at about 1 a.m. we were up in the house room, but I don’t really like house so I was waiting for the drum ‘n’ bass to kick in,” he explained. “As soon as I heard it, me and my mate went down there. Five minutes in, the fire alarm starting going off and everyone was like, ‘Rip it off! Rip it off!’ So I thought I’d give it a go. I was completely sober at the time. I jumped up, grabbed it and my little finger got caught in the case because it was all broken, and as I came to rip it back down, my little finger got ripped off completely.

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“I looked at my hand and my little finger was gone – the bone was sticking out. It’s the weirdest feeling; one second you’re fine and your little finger is there, and the next second it’s gone,” the raver continued. “It shoves reality up your backside. I was in so much pain and shock that the first thing that hit my head was the beat and the bass. The bass was hard, so I just ripped off my top, wrapped it around my finger and tied it up as tight as I could and skanked it out for half an hour. My mentality was, ‘I’ve only been here for an hour, I’ve paid £10 for this night, I’ve lost my little finger – am I seriously going to go? Nah, I’m going to skank until I can’t skank any more.’ After that, my mate dragged me down to the paramedics.”

Once medical personnel saw the extent of the damage, they acted quickly before sending “Josh” to the hospital.

“I said to him, ‘Is there any chance you can bandage it up and I can just rave on?'” he reportedly asked paramedics. “He was like, ‘Nah, you’re going to hospital, mate.’ There was also a chance of (sepsis) because of the dirt, so he got some medical acid, poured it right onto the finger and all the flesh around it melted right in front of my eyes. That was the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life.”

When asked what happened to his missing finger, the 16-year-old said that it “pinged off into the crowd,” and that he was later told “that a bunch of stoners found my little finger and were playing catch with it.”

“Josh’s” digital mishap was far from the worst injury suffered at the party. Tragically, a 15-year-old attendee named Rio Andrew died at the event. Police are calling his death drug-related.


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