Check Out A Chart of All the Connections in Rock

By Shannon Carlin

The connection between rock and rollers isn’t easy to figure out, but luckily a few very smart, diligent people over at Pop Chart Lab have drawn it out for you.

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A new 39″ x 39″ poster (or the size of an LP sleeve) shows the family tree of rock and all its connections with a handy dandy chart that shows exactly how 727 artists and 500 bands throughout music history are intertwined. You should kind of think about it as a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon sort of thing.

For example, we obviously know the importance of the connections between Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and Robert Plant or Daryl Hall and John Oates, but did you know that Faith No More frontman Mike Patton is connected to Norah Jones through his band Peeping Tom or that Mick Jagger is connected to The Eurythmics Dave Stewart via the short lived supergroup Superheavy? Did you?

P-MusicConnex_A_bb30aaf4-f991-438d-965d-cdeeecac6bd1_1024x1024(Courtesy of Pop Chart Lab)

The poster, made in Brooklyn, natch, includes a color-coded instrumental breakdown of what each musician played for each outfit. The company also promises that the poster includes fun facts for all the music buffs out there.

Watch a 40-second video that shows the making of the poster — up for pre-sale right now — below.


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