Listen to a Full Version of Ed Sheeran’s (Maybe) Ellie Goulding Tell-Off, ‘Don’t’

By Kevin Rutherford

Back when Ed Sheeran appeared on Saturday Night Live last April, one of his two performances included the biting “Don’t” along with lead single “Sing.”

Now, as new album X starts to roar toward its late June release, more music is trickling out from Sheeran’s sophomore release, with a full studio version of “Don’t” hitting the Internet today (June 12).

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“Don’t,” which continues the string of high profile producers on Sheeran’s new record with production from Benny Blanco and Rick Rubin, continues the Pharrell-produced “Sing”‘s penchant for soulful, falsetto-laden crooning.

The song is purportedly about none other than Ellie Goulding, with whom Sheeran was once romantically linked but may or may not have cheated on him.

For awhile, the relationship apparently went good — “loves the way I treat her / Singing out Aretha/ All over the track like a feature,” he sings.

But everything sours when the love interest cheats on him — while they’re in the same hotel, for that matter.

“I never intended to be next / But you didn’t need to take him to bed that’s all,” he seethes. “And I never saw him as a threat / Until you disappeared with him to have sex of course.”

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“Don’t” is scheduled for release tonight on iTunes, according to a tweet from Sheeran, who added that he plans to release a new song at midnight every night for an undetermined amount of time shortly thereafter — “so look out for that,” he tweeted.

X is scheduled for a June 23 release. To promote the release, he’ll perform on Ellis Island tomorrow (June 13) in New York.


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