Slowbucks Takes Legal Action After Assault, Robbery; 50 Cent a Possible Suspect

By Brian Ives

Last weekend at a New York City radio station concert, 50 Cent allegedly had a hand in an onstage robbery in which hip-hop duo Slowbucks were the victims, with claims that the pair was assaulted and robbed at the rapper’s command.

Now, Slowbucks is striking back — and they’ve got a lawyer, who held a press conference to discuss the case.

Slowbucks’ lawyer spoke at the press conference, held in an actual conference room, and began by seemingly explaining the event where the robbing occurred: “Summerjam is supposed to be a celebration. Where people go and they get together with other hip-hop artists and other artists around the world and they celebrate. Slowbucks went with that in mind.”

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He continued, ominously, “But another faction had something else in mind: they had negativity in mind. Violence. Hostility.

“What happened Sunday would have brought us back 20 years, if we weren’t dealing with a warrior, like Slowbucks. True warriors have the strength to react with honor. It’s easy, and cheap, to react with violence”

One attendee at the press conference asked if they were taking legal action against 50 Cent. “I didn’t mention 50 Cent,” he pointed out, and in fact he hadn’t mentioned him in his opening statement.

He laughed sheepishly, as he said, “That’s the first time I’ve heard his name today. But that’s a good question: you, for good reason, are probably mentioning that he may be involved. And I’m not gonna disagree with your opinion. We are going to take legal action. The parties that we are gonna take legal action against are still under investigation.”

According to AllHipHop, 50 Cent ordered Slowbucks to be assaulted and robbed during 50’s own performance at Hot 97′s Summer Jam for a photo the duo posted to Instagram that featured 50 Cent’s son, Marquise Jackson.

In recent interviews, 50 Cent has stated that he does not have a relationship with his son due to his mother, Shaniqua Tompkins.


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