By Brian Ives 

After garnering  publicity for comments he made in his recent Rolling Stone cover story, Jack White took to his own website to offer what he titled “An Apology and an Explanation from Jack White.”

He opened the note by noting “I should make a statement to clear up a lot of the negativity surrounding things I’ve said or written, despite the fact that I loathe to bring more attention to these things.” He lamented that things that he’d never discussed publicly became public “through the actions of lawyers trying to villainize me in a private legal scenario,” a reference to statements he’d made about the Black Keys in emails to his ex-wife, Karen Elson.

He starts to address the Black Keys in what seems to be a sincere way, saying: “I wish the band the Black Keys all the success that they can get. I hope the best for their record label Nonesuch who has such a proud history in music, and in their efforts to bring the Black Keys songs to the world. I hope for massive success also for their producer and songwriter Danger Mouse and for the other musicians that their band employs.”  (White has also worked with Danger Mouse, on the producer’s 2011 Rome project.)

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His comments on the Black Keys soon get a bit passive aggressive, though: ” Lord knows that I can tell you myself how hard it is to get people to pay attention to a two piece band with a plastic guitar, so any attention that the Black Keys can get in this world I wish it for them, and I hope their record stays in the top ten for many months and they have many more successful albums in their career.”

In the Rolling Stone interview, he also mentioned how Duffy, Adele and Lana Del Rey came in the wake of Amy Winehouse. Regarding this, he said, “I wish no slight to the talents of Winehouse, Duffy, Lana del Rey, and Adele. All of whom are wonderful performers with amazing voices. I have their records and I hope for more success for them all as the years go on. They deserve all they’ve gotten. And, I also would love to state that I personally find it inspiring to have powerful, positive female voices speaking out and creating at all times in the mainstream, and all of those singers do just that, so I thank them.” It’s noteworthy that White has collaborated with Adele on one track: she is backed by the Raconteurs on her cover of their “Many Shades of Black” from the 2009 90120 soundtrack.

On the subject about his comments about his ex-wife and former White Stripes bandmate Meg White, he said, “She is a strong female presence in rock and roll, and I was not intending to slight her either, only to explain how hard it was for us to communicate with our very different personalities. This got blown out of proportion and made into headlines, and somehow I looked like I was picking on her. I would never publicly do that to someone I love so dearly.”

He closed the nearly 1,000 word note, saying, “Thank you for reading all of this and I hope that the nonsense started by lawyers and strangers to me and perpetuated by tabloid journalism can be left behind, and all of the musicians can move forward in positivity. So, God bless the Black Keys, Danger Mouse, Adele, Meg White, and anyone else I’ve spoken about, and thank you for understanding. Good fortune to all of them, and I’m sorry for my statements hurting anyone.”

Read the entire message here.




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