’80s Punk Star Exene Cervenka Claims Santa Barbara Shooting Was a Hoax

By Radio.com staff

Exene Cervenka, singer for ’80s punk icons X, just upset a whole mess of people this afternoon (May 28) with a series of tweets aimed at exposing last week’s Santa Barbara shooting as a hoax.

The 58-year-old frontwoman has added herself to the list of “truthers” who believe Elliot Rodger was just another bad actor in a long line of well-produced hoaxes, which include the Boston Marathon bombings and the attack on the World Trade Center.

Calling herself a “conspiracy therapist,” Cervenka digs into Elliot Rodger’s videos and various news reports in order to find incongruities.

Several videos added to her YouTube channel playlist today that back up the theory that Rodger’s manifesto videos were filmed in a studio. “No one died and no one got hurt. The story is 100% fabricated from start to finish,” claims one YouTube truther.

Cervenka believes Rodger’s killing spree, along with the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, were designed to force stricter gun control laws — ultimately leaving citizens defenseless against the government.


The real culprit, she says, is “Reality Avoidance Syndrome.” Cervenka believes Americans simply don’t want to hear the truth and that the “syndrome” is formed by a poor parent-child bond.


“It also has a lot to do with programming through the television, sports, porn, the sexualization of children and violent video games where children are taught nothing else than how to be a narcissist or psychopath,” she claimed.


Elliott Rodger’s rampage left seven dead and 13 others injured.


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