Jack White Complains a Lot, Laments Botched Collabs with Jay Z, Kanye in New Interview

By Courtney E. Smith

The new issue of Rolling Stone calls Jack White “rock & roll’s Willy Wonka,” but excerpts from his interview make him sound more “hey, you kids, get off my lawn.” Right out of the gate this set-up is enforced with a quote from White comparing himself to Larry David. “Complaining about, you know, why they make shoelaces so much longer than they need to be,” White tells the mag. 

During a one-on-one furniture upholstering lesson, White tells the mag some pretty incredible things, including that he thinks live concert audiences who don’t give him energy back because they’re too busy texting and drinking are a waste of his time. 

The mag also pulls a quote in which White addresses the female journalist from The Atlantic who wrote a piece about his “woman problem” in which he refers to her as a chick who “doesn’t get it.”

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“I’ve worked with more women than anyone you’ll ever meet,” White says in a bizarrely worded argument, then shifting to a more credible line of defense when he explains that his lyrics are often based on characters and not his own beliefs. 

Speaking of characters, White lets fans in on the inspiration behind his new album: characters created by 19-year-old Jack White. The work, based on a box of plays and short stories he wrote while in college, is his way of communing with his younger self.

Finally, White reveals that he loves Daft Punk, worked on some track with Jay Z that he’s not sure Hova even liked and wanted to work with Kanye West on Yeezus, but Yeezy never followed up.

No word, however, on his beef with Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys.

White’s newest album, Lazaretto, is due out on June 10.


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