Deadmau5 Reveals 25-Song Track List for ‘While (1<2)’

By Scott T. Sterling

After announcing a June release date for his upcoming double-album, While (1<2), Deadmau5 has revealed a 25-song tracklist for the full-length.

“It’s a good mix of sh-t I want to do versus sh-t people want to hear or what they would expect,” the producer said in a release. “It’s a good balance… It was when I was working on some live stuff, set lists for shows and stuff like that, and it just must have been a couple of tracks that sounded pretty good stitched together end to start and I thought, ‘Well, if I ever do an album or compile this into some kind of album this has got to be that part of the order for that.’ And I just kind of took everything and played musical Tetris with it.”

Each of the two discs ends with a special continuous mix of that disc’s tracks.

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The man born Joel Zimmerman originally announced the album last week, previewing with the announcement the lead track from the record, “Avaritia.”

The full version of “Avaritia” was recently premiered on Pete Tong’s Radio 1 show.

He’s also put out an iPhone app, which includes message boards and unreleased music and photos from the artist. There’s even the possibility that deadmau5 himself could contact the user of the app one-on-one.

The album is set for a June 17 digital drop date, with the physical and streaming versions due a week later on June 24.

While (1<2) tracklist:

Part 1

01. Avaritia
02. Coelacanth I
03. Ice Age (feat. deadmau5) [deadmau5 remix] by How to Destroy Angels
04. My Pet Coelacanth
05. Infra Turbo Pigcart Racer
06. Terrors In My Head
07. Creep
08. Somewhere Up Here
09. Phantoms Can’t Hang
10. Gula

Part 2
01. Acedia
02. Invidia
03. Errors In My Bread
04. Survivalism (feat. deadmau5) [deadmau5 remix] by Nine Inch Nails
05. Silent Picture
06. Rlyehs Lament
07. Superbia
08. Mercedes
09. Bleed
10. Ira
11. Monday
12. A Moment To Myself
13. Pets
14. Coelacanth II
15. Seeya (feat. Colleen D’Agostino)


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