Radio Feedback: Dave 1 Hears Chromeo on the Radio, Immediately Shares Experience On Instagram

"There's no other ode to the castrated male on the radio today."

By Shannon Carlin

Welcome to Radio Feedback,’s weekly feature where we ask artists to wax nostalgic on the first time they heard themselves on the radio.

Chromeo had to wait nearly ten years and four albums to hear one of their songs on the radio, but according to Dave 1 it was well worth the wait.

Last month the singer (born David Macklovitch) heard Chromeo’s latest single “Jealous (Ain’t With It),” off their new album White Women (out May 13), while driving down to Coachella. He even filmed the experience for posterity. Don’t worry though, his manager was the one behind the wheel.


Dave 1 told he had always wanted to hear himself on the radio, but it was mostly just to hear how it would actually sound over the airwaves.

“That was the thing I was most curious about, radio compresses your music a certain way and all of a sudden it sounds real, you know?” he said.

“It sounds like an FM hit,” his bandmate, P-Thugg (real name, Patrick Gemayel) added.

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“Yeah, I couldn’t wait to hear it, to hear how the song sounded,” Dave continued. “I was telling Pete, ‘Yo, this is how the drums sound.’ It was amazing.”

Dave admits having “Jealous,” off their upcoming album White Women (out May 13), be the first song he heard was sort of the cherry on top of an already delicious sundae.

“There’s no other ode to the castrated male on the radio today,” Dave told “In that sense our music means something in the context of other songs that are like, ‘I know you want it, I know you want it.'”

Hearing their song on the radio also got the guys thinking about where else they’d like to hear their music played. “I’d love to hear it in the strip club,” P-Thugg said. “See how that sounds.”

Dave 1 thinks it would be nice to hear a Chromeo song when you land at the airport.

“On the plane, when you get off, they have like Muzak versions of hits,” Dave explained. “Yesterday I was getting off and they had ‘Lights’ by Ellie Goulding, but like in a sort of piano and string quartet arrangement…I would love like a Chromeo song to get that treatment when you’re getting up and getting your bag. You’re just like, ‘Is this…? Oh!'”

But P-Thugg believes the absolute best way to hear one of their songs would be played by a cocktail pianist. And Dave 1 has to agree, even suggesting which Chromeo track would work.

“It’s gotta be a big song with a big topline,” he said. “‘Jealous’ would be perfect for that.”




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