Interview: Cherub Write Most of Their Songs While Drunk

By Shannon Carlin

“I want to make a whole album dedicated to strawberries.”

This is what Jordan Kelley of the band Cherub told last month when he visited our New York offices. Now, you should know, he was totally serious.

With Cherub’s song “Doses and Mimosas,” which was inspired by a man from Alabama with a fondness for champagne and cocaine, Kelley and his bandmate, Jason Huber, have gotten a reputation as funny guys. But they say people are interpreting that song all wrong. “It’s kind of funny to us because it’s a depressing song,” Huber said. “Lyrically, not the happiest thing in the world.”

Some of the tongue-and-cheek-ness of their upcoming album, Year Of The Caprese, out May 27 on Columbia, may be explained by their state of mind while writing.”The only time lyrics come in my head is when I’m drunk on an airplane,” Kelley said.

The same goes for Huber, who said he and Kelley share ideas for songs back and forth through iPhone notepad. “The musings that will come through on that iPhone notepad in the wee hours of the morning are amazing,” he said. The strawberries idea is one of them.

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When it comes to their live shows, the guys look to create a safe space where moms, dads and their kids can feel totally comfortable letting it all hang out. “We don’t try to present ourselves as cool guys, so when people come to the shows, there’s not like this overly cool vibe where you can’t have a good time,” Kelley said. “So it’s been really, really cool to see people lose their s–t…They’re not worried about if they suck at dancing, they just want to let go and have a good time.”

Of course, when things get weird on tour (and as they explain in the video above, things get really weird. Like get your face tattooed on a guys butt cheek kind of weird) they have chiropractor, Dr. Charlie Katz to realign them. The doctor–dubbed the “musician’s physician”– has been kind of enough to stop by a few of their shows to help them work out the kinks.

“He does this one thing with your arms,” Huber said. “I don’t know what he does. It’s some voodoo stuff.”

Watch the interview above to see the guys talk about why they ended up making a clean version of “Doses and Mimosas” for radio, the absolute weirdest thing that’s ever happened to them on tour and why the Spice Girls have been very important to their musical evolution.


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