Afrojack on EDM DJs: ‘I Have Never Seen Anyone Play a Prerecorded Set’

By Scott T. Sterling

Deadmau5 set off a firestorm of controversy last year when he suggested in a Rolling Stone interview that many of EDM’s biggest stars, including David Guetta and Skrillex, were guilty of simply pressing a play button when performing at clubs and festivals around the world.

Among those who took offense at the comments was Afrojack, who struck back at Deadmau5 during an interview with Billboard: “You’re never just pressing play,” Afrojack said. “If you’re a guy in a cube with a mask on, you can press play. Deadmau5 also said himself he’s not a DJ — don’t talk about stuff you don’t know about.”

In a recent interview with Toro on New York’s 92.3 NOW (92.3 NOW is a station), Afrojack has again defended the current DJ scene, this time taking on bloggers he believes wouldn’t know a fader from an EQ knob on a mixer.

“I, seriously, have never seen anyone play a prerecorded set,” Afrojack said. “Most of the comments you see on the internet about prerecorded mixing are usually 12-year-old kids who don’t know s*** about DJing. I’ve been DJing for 11 years… everyone makes edits. Everyone has an edit of an edit of an edit — like a five-minute-long edit with three tracks in there… And then you have big shows with laser lights and all this stuff that’s synched. They play [that edit] from a laptop, but it’s only that part. After that they go back to DJing. I have yet to see a prerecorded mix DJ that was like, a big (name).”

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Afrojack made it perfectly clear that hate spewed toward him and the EDM scene in general is not of his concern, particularly given his viewpoint on people who post negative commentary online.

“Everyone makes out of it what they want to make out of it,” he added. “If you have a little 12-year-old kid that goes to one festival, pretends he’s a professional and starts writing a blog about ‘all the stuff he’s seen’ because he’s actually an ‘anonymous New York nightclub promoter.’

“On the Internet you can be whatever you want to be and people believe what they read automatically… I’m not going to let my life, or my love and passion for this music be dependent on what people are writing on blogs or Facebook comments.”


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