Interview: Sky Ferreira Wants To Follow In Fiona Apple’s Footsteps

"I feel like every single thing someone does, especially girls in pop music for some reason, is constantly's just like, it's not that complex," she said. "Not everything a girl does in pop music is a think piece."

By Shannon Carlin

Sky Ferreira is getting pretty tired of talking about herself. She would really appreciate it if everyone would just let her get back to the music. But unfortunately for Sky, the majority of the world (or at least the internet) loves hearing her talk about her 2013 drug arrest or the recent claims that her video for “I Blame Myself” is racist, which she thinks you’re crazy for even thinking, by the way.

When Ferreira sat down with last month, she admitted that this constant need for people to figure her out–”Is she like the pretty dumb girl or is she just off the wall crazy?” she mock questioned–is starting to get under her skin.

“I feel like now with like all these blogs and stuff, I feel like every single thing someone does, especially girls in pop music for some reason, is constantly analyzed…it’s just like, it’s not that complex,” she told “Not everything a girl does in pop music is a think piece.”

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All this unwanted attention has also got her sympathizing with one of her favorite singers, Fiona Apple, who earned herself a rather dubious reputation thanks in no small part to her “the word is bulls–t” speech at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1997.

“They wanted to say she was sullen and like moody and crazy,” Ferreira said. “She was frustrated with everything and was kind of just like, ‘Ugh, alright I’m done’ and went away for a second.”

“That’s the thing that’s cool about her,” Ferreira, who says Apple’s 1996 debut, Tidal, was the first record she ever bought, added. “She’ll release an album and be like, ‘Alright, here it is’ and then go away. But the album is always good. I really admire her as a person and I think that’s always why I related to her music in a lot of ways.”

Ferreira also feels a kinship with Courtney Love, who she says is much stronger than anyone actually gives her credit for.

“She was very forward and scared people and intimidated people since she wasn’t just some meek lady,” Ferreira said. “She actually had a personality and I feel like the media took advantage of that and warped it into something else.”

Having some experience in that department herself, Ferreira admitted that the press has a way of dreaming up stories that make her seem much more interesting than she really is.

“That’s the thing I’ve noticed after reading things about myself, like, ‘Wow, this makes me sound so much crazier or way cooler than I am.’ Or more neurotic,” she said laughing. “I mean I am a little neurotic, but I’m not absolutely insane.”

Watch the video above to see Ferreira talk about why it’s important to be a little scared of your parents, what she has planned for her next album and why she feels song leaks are a little bit like having someone go through your underwear drawer.





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