Stream Hunter Hayes’ New Album ‘Storyline’

By Annie Reuter

Hunter Hayes fans may have to wait until next week to download a copy of his sophomore album, Storyline but they can get an early listen this week for free via iTunes.

Hayes co-wrote and co-produced each of the 14 tracks on the album. The versatile album kicks off with the fast paced “Wild Card” and includes the poignant “When Did You Stop Loving Me” as well as previously released track “You Think You Know Somebody” and his powerful new single “Invisible.”

In an interview with before the GRAMMYs, Hayes explained how “Invisible” is “a totally new concept” for him.

“I always write about something pretty personal, [but] this sets a new standard for me,” he said. “I didn’t go in to write this song necessarily, I went in to write something else. [Songwriters] Bonnie Baker, Katrina Elam and I ended up writing about how we all, in different ways, can relate to the message of being an outcast, being misunderstood, being… essentially bullied.”

He added: “I say that very carefully because I know there’s a lot of people who go through that on a much larger scale. In whatever way I can relate to it, the song is about that. It’s about disappearing among the crowd, not having a place to fit in, being different you know? Being a music geek in high school, middle school, [and] now, I’ve just now gotten comfortable with the fact that I can call myself a geek and be proud of it.”

Stream Hayes’ album on iTunes.

Hunter Hayes Storyline track listing:

1. Wild Card (Hayes/Laird/Dean)
2. Storyline (Hayes/Verges/Paslay)
3. Still Fallin (Hayes/Pierce)
4. Tattoo (Hayes/Verges/Dean)
5. Invisible (Hayes/Baker/Elam)
6. …interlude (Hayes/Baker/Elam/Dean/Buckmaster)
7. You Think You Know Somebody (Hayes/Ellis)
8. Flashlight (Hayes/Verges/Dean)
9. When Did You Stop Loving Me (Hayes/Ellis)
10. …like I was saying (jam) (Hayes/Ellis)
11. Secret Love (Hayes/Ellis)
12. Nothing Like Starting Over (Hayes/Verges/Sampson)
13. If It’s Just Me (Hayes/Baker/Elam)
14. Love Too Much (Hayes/Ellis)


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