Beers with the Band: Timeflies On Why Their New Album Is Comparable to a Bloody Mary

By Annie Reuter

On a cold Wednesday evening last month, sat down with Timeflies at the New York bar Alfie’s to have a few beers and talk about their new album After Hours.

While most of those at the bar that night were office dwellers still in their corporate suits, just taking advantage of happy hour, the band had just come from the studio where they were hanging out with Fabolous, who appears on their recently released album.

But even with the excitement of the day, Rob “Rez” Resnick and Cal Shapiro were ready to throw back a couple of IPA’s and get down to the real important questions like, “Which drink best describes After Hours?” To which both guys agreed, a Bloody Mary.

“When you get a Bloody Mary you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get,” Resnick told “There could be some really weird s–t.”

Photo Gallery: Beers with the Band: Timeflies

Shapiro agreed, noting that like those vodka and tomato juice concoctions, his band’s album goes great with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“Our album pretty much covers all hours of the day,” he explained. “You can have your chill song, your late night party song. You can have the drinking song. It feels like a complete project.”

(Sonia Dasgupta for Dasgupta for

After Hours also spans many genres, blending pop, EDM, hip-hop and rock, sometimes all on one song, like the album’s first single, “I Choose U.”

“I was really excited about ‘I Choose U’ being the first single because it felt like the verses were acoustic…There’s a huge electric drop and on the bridge you get rap,” Resnick explained. “It’s what our whole album is in one song. A little bit of everything.”


So how would Timeflies like a listener to first stumble upon their music?

“I think the album,” Resnick said. “As much as the live show is great we’re obviously focused on making the sound, sonically on the album, perfect.”

Adding, “If we want for people to experience that for the first time it should be exactly what we want you to hear.”

At the same time, the guys says their live show is really high energy and has helped earn them more than a few loyal fans.

“People always tell us, ‘Your music makes me happy and I feel better when I listen to your music.’ You can’t argue with that,” Shapiro said. “Music changes people’s moods. We enjoy making the music and I think that makes it fun to listen to.”


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