50 Cent is Fast and Furious in ‘Every Time I Come Around’ Video: Watch

By Courtney E. Smith

50 Cent is bringing back that gangsta vibe on this new album and the video he dropped today for “Everytime I Come Around” is right on message. In fact, it’s nearly a continuation of his previous video for “Chase the Paper.” Once again he’s outside, there are some tight whips and a ski cap is present and accounted for.

It would assume that in addition to his continuing lyrical obsessions with his manhood and guns, 50 now has his eyes on the world of drag racing. “Chase the Paper” showed it more in an ATV/dirt bike world. “Everytime I Come Around” explores it with cars, but not in a Rebel Without A Cause playing chicken way — this is much more Fast and the Furious, East Coast edition.

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The other thing we’re learning about 50 from the visuals off this album is that he’s an outdoors man. An urban-explore-sort-of-outdoors man, but still. Winter weather will not keep him down, as he proves while rapping in the snow. With all the distinctly NYC housing project shots that flash around, this is clearly supposed to be an ode to the city but it, along with “Chase the Paper,” reads more like Detroit than the city. He seems to want to portray a version of NYC that’s much grittier than it is nowadays.

Watch the video below.


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