Watch Katy Perry Go Undercover in ‘Birthday’

By Courtney E. Smith

Katy Perry said “Birthday” was the most insane video she’s ever done. In reality, it’s the most unexpected homage to Candid Camera that we didn’t know we wanted.

“In April 2014, Katy Perry attended 5 birthday parties,” the video begins, “…only no one knew it was her.” Then we meet Goldie, the dancer; Yosef Shulem, the MC; Kriss, the clown; Ace, the animal trainer; and Princess Mandee. These characters, all played by Perry, go on to ruin some people’s birthday parties.

Being a bad, drunk clown and a Kardashian who paints kids’ faces is kind of whatever. The real genius here is Goldie. She’s a former stripper who sort of pops out of a cake at this gentleman’s 90th birthday party in a rather revealing outfit. Of all the sight gags going on in this video, that’s the one that lands strongest, because old people having sex is everyone’s greatest fear.

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The joke actually appears to lose some momentum when set to music, which is why the director breaks at around the 5-minute mark to give us some audio reactions from the poor birthday-having souls who are getting pranked.

Perry told Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week that she was inspired by his twerk joke. And apparently there’s a full back story to every character.

“Kriss [the clown] is kind of andrygonous. She is on parole, she’s got some problems,” Perry said. ” She found the job on Craigslist, actually. I definitely almost got shanked [filming it].”

Watch below.


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