RZA to Raekwon: Get on Board, or No Wu-Tang Album

By Kevin Rutherford

In the continuing saga of RZA vs. Raekwon, the former has given the latter an ultimatum: get on board with Wu-Tang Clan‘s new album, or said album is not coming out.

As Stereogum points out, the rapper made an appearance on SI Now in a video interview where he touched on the struggles of getting Raekwon on the new Wu-Tang record, A Better Tomorrow. The album seems nearly good to go, but one key ingredient is missing– and that could delay it entirely.

“The album is slated to come out in July,” RZA said. “If we don’t come to terms, I think, in the next 30 days, then this will either be an album without Raekwon or an album that never sees the light of day– and that’s a very strong potential because I would not want to put out a Wu-Tang album without every alive member available.”

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He continued, possibly giving hope for the group’s fans if Raekwon isn’t receptive to appearing on the album: “At the same time, I don’t want the fans not to have this incredible music we’ve been working on for the last year. So that’s going to be a tough decision.”

Still, RZA is remaining positive about A Better Tomorrow being consumed by the masses.

“My gut feeling is yes,” he said when asked about whether or not he believes the record will come out as everything stands.

RZA and Raekwon have been at opposite ends in recent weeks concerning the new Wu-Tang album. Last week, Raekwon declared he was “on strike” from the group, unhappy with the direction of the music and RZA’s leadership. His bandmate later said that the pair wasn’t “putting time in together” as brothers, and that communication had been a bit lax between them.


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