Interview: Zedd Puts Out a Call For a ‘Stay The Night’ Condom Confetti Cannon

By Shannon Carlin

Those diligent followers of Zedd on Twitter may have noticed a very vague, but interesting tweet he sent on April 10 that simply said, “I need a Stay The Night condom confetti cannon for my shows….”

So when got a chance to sit down with Zedd during the first week of Coachella, we had to ask, “Is this for real?”

“I don’t think we’ll ever see it,” he said laughing, “but it sounded awesome.”

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Zedd isn’t quite sure how he made the connection between a condom confetti gun and his song “Stay The Night” featuring Hayley Williams (though we have a few guesses), but thought it was an interesting enough idea to warrant a tweet.

But by the end of our conversation, he seemed to warm to the idea of it actually happening, even putting out a plea for one of his technologically advanced fans to build one for him.

“If you have a company, if you make condoms, if you like my song ‘Stay the Night’ and you want to put one and one together, just hit me up,” he said.

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And while someone’s working on that, he’ll be working on the follow-up to his 2012 debut, Clarity, which he says could be out very soon.

“I can’t quite tell you when it will come out or how exactly it will sound because i’m just working it right now,” he said. “I hope to have another album out by the end of the year. Maybe.”

Check out our interview above to see Zedd talk about the wild plans he has for his GRAMMY statue, why he wanted to be a part of Divergent and the camaraderie of the EDM scene.


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