By Shannon Carlin

In her new video for “I Blame Myself,” off her 2013 debut, Night Time, My Time, Sky Ferreira plays the head of an all-male gang, who just so happen to be black.

While the clip shows Ferreira stylishly driving around Los Angeles while she does a little dancing and eventually gets arrested for her unknown bad deeds, some are calling the clip racist.

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According to Spin, some on Facebook have expressed their dismay with comments like, “I’m tired of seeing black people used as props.” Another wrote, “These actors BECAUSE of their skin color are automatically reduced to the neighborhood setting you shot this video in.” Part of the clip was filmed in Compton, though not all of it.

Ferreira disagrees with this take on the video and has made that very clear in a very long post on Facebook where she writes, “Nothing upsets me more than being called racist because that is one of the most hateful things anyone can be. Not only do I find it insulting towards myself but I also feel insulted for the actors & dancers & my family in the video. No, I did not use black back up dancers as “props”. I never have and never will look at any human being as a prop. That’s disgusting.”

She goes on to say, “I auditioned a bunch of dancers, all races & my dancers were the best ones.” Adding, “I know that you have to be socially aware & mindful of others but when I look at this video I don’t see race as a issue. Stop trying to search for something that isn’t there.”

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Ferreira also explains that some of those people in the video are her family and that she is Latina and Native American. She writes that her brother is half black, as are her cousins, and people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

“Because I have pale skin & green eyes doesn’t mean I was raised in Beverly Hills and have Swedish film investor parents or whatever some have created in their minds,” she writes. “Would you feel more at ease if I danced with a bunch blonde white boys at a mall? Should I consciously only cast white dancers for now on? If I’m racist does that mean you’re pro-segregation?!”

Ferreira ends the post by saying she wished she didn’t have to write something like this, but felt she needed to defend those involved in the clip.

“Don’t demean the actors & dancers in the video,” she wrote. “They are more well spoken & aware than you and I will ever be. Please do research before you make such sh—y accusations about people.”

This is not the first time Ferreira’s taken to Facebook to defend herself. Last month, she wrote an open letter asking her fans to help her stop cyberbullying.

“If you see hateful/disgusting/abusive comments,please start reporting it or deleting it,” she writes. “I think that’s the only way we can start to lower that sort of thing from happening. Use the internet as a way to connect with others & LEARN. Show & spread compassion.”


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