Listen to the Title Track from The Black Keys’ New Album ‘Turn Blue’

By Kevin Rutherford

Busy day for Dan Auerbach. Not long after Lana Del Rey dropped the Auerbach-produced “West Coast,” the Black Keys‘ singer/guitarist tossed out some music of his own Monday morning with the title track from the duo’s upcoming album.

“Turn Blue,” released today (April 14) on the band’s YouTube page, marks the second track revealed from the new LP, and for folks perhaps turned off by first single “Fever”‘s retro-fueled keyboard line, it might be more of a hit.


The new tune, which comes in at a little under four minutes, also has significantly less pep than its predecessor. The duo opts for a mid-tempo, subdued jam, featuring leisurely-plucked guitar and easygoing vocals from Auerbach.

There’s an underlying, regurgitating synth beneath the song toward its end, but otherwise it’s a mostly straightforward head-nodder with the occasional flourishes and a singsong chorus that hints at a “hell below.”

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“Turn Blue” is available immediately, along with “Fever,” as accompanying downloads should one pre-order Turn Blue, the band’s eighth studio album. The record will be released May 13 and reportedly includes Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney’s first experience using a sample on one of their songs, as well as the Black Keys’ longest song in their catalog.



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