Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Sign Language Rap Battle Featuring Wiz Khalifa

By Kevin Rutherford

Wiz Khalifa‘s probably taken part in more than a few rap battles in his day, but battles performed via sign language are admittedly a bit rarer.

But that’s what Jimmy Kimmel Live accomplished during a telecast last night (April 7). Host Jimmy Kimmel brought out three sign language interpreters, all of whom have signed at rap concerts across the country — including sets for Wu-Tang Clan, Eminem, Lil Wayne and more.

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For the battle, all three interpreters signed along to Khalifa’s No. 1 hit “Black and Yellow,” for which the rapper himself appeared to rap along with.


What followed was a three-plus-minute clip during which the ladies gave it their all — even if you can hear the music, their infectious enthusiasm for their craft is still worth witnessing — before Khalifa chose who he felt was the best of the trio. Watch the video to find out the winner.

Of course, before a victor was chosen, Kimmel asked the rapper if he used a sign language interpreter for his concerts; turns out he does at times, because sometimes he gets “pretty stoned” and can’t remember what he’s supposed to be doing. This prompted Kimmel to ask for the sign language for marijuana, because of course we couldn’t get through an entire Wiz Khalifa segment without pot being referenced at some point.

Khalifa’s been on the move promoting new single “We Dem Boyz,” purportedly the first single from upcoming album Blacc Hollywood, for which no release date has been named. He’s also set to pop up on Future‘s new LP Honest, which is out later this month.


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