LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy on EDM: ‘It Makes Me Want to Vomit’

By Scott T. Sterling

After crushing indie rock aesthetics with the deepest roots of dance music to fuel his label, DFA, and launch his band LCD Soundsystem into a dance act capable of packing Madison Square Garden, James Murphy does not approach the sounds of the dance floor lightly.

During a recent interview with MusicWeek, Murphy let it be known in no uncertain terms that the current tide of EDM sweeping America frankly sucks.

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“What I see in the commercial side of it I find repellent. It makes me want to vomit,” he said. “I just don’t like it, it’s not for me but it’s also not designed for me. I’m old and it’s very maximalist and I’m not a maximalist guy. I’m sure there’s great stuff happening but it’s just not reaching me and it probably shouldn’t. I’m not excited about new stuff that much.”

Murphy went on to lament the absence of a new burgeoning scene coming along to usher in the next wave of genuine and enduring music. Much like how DFA and LCD Soundsystem revitalized a dance world tired of superstar DJs and velvet ropes in the early aughts.

“This past month I’ve been really hoping that there’s two people DJing to a room full of 150 people that think what I did was stupid and are making something awesome and having a great time,” he explained. “I won’t hear it until they do a shitty sell out track and I never hear what’s great about them, but that’s what I’m hoping.”

The DJ/producer, who recently announced his plans to soundtrack the New York subway system and release a special vinyl box set edition of The Long Goodbye: LCD Soundsystem Live at Madison Square Garden for Record Store Day (April 19), is also quite the coffee connoisseur. He just released his own signature blend of espresso, House of Good, to buy online, which will hopefully keep you from losing your edge.


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