By Annie Reuter

Eric Church has a knack for creating mystique, and with his latest video “San Destino Rising: Movimento De Una,” he’s doing just that.

Starting where his previous music video for his song “Give Me Back My Hometown” left off, Church’s cast of characters are saying their goodbyes to a woman they wished was all dead. So how did she die? You’ll have to watch and find out. Look for a cameo from Breaking Bad‘s Steven Michael Quezada, who played Steven “Gomie” Gomez.

When Church sat down with for an interview in Nashville last week, just one day after his latest album The Outsiders was released (Feb. 11), the college marketing major talked about his videos, including the ideas behind the cryptic messaging in his earlier teaser clips.

“I wish I could take more credit for that,” he told about the teasers. “My manager came up with that and shot those.” But, he said, it fit right into his own interests. “What I love about it is, I love a good mystery,” he explained.

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Church also said that, since he is not personally on Facebook or Twitter (“never have been … never will be”), the videos offer a way to interact with his fans.

“It’s a way to have some fun, it’s a way to add some intrigue. There’s a lot of mysteries and a lot of hidden messages that are in those cryptic things that talk about a lot of stuff that’s coming down the line that they don’t know yet,” he said. “Maybe a single choice. Maybe another video. Maybe another character. We put that in there just to see how many of them can pick it apart and pull it apart and have fun with it. That’s what it was, just a different way of interacting.”

Church said to pay attention to the characters in each music video, because they are part of a much longer storyline.

“All the characters that are in that, light will be shed on them as we go through this single process and video process,” he said. “Throughout this entire album, that storyline will continue to play out and the ending is quite remarkable. We’ll get to that one day.”

And with all these connections between videos, songs, storylines and characters, we had to wonder: Is he working on a long-form video or film of any kind?

“Yes,” he said, smiling. “We are.”


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