Stream Dierks Bentley’s New, Most Personal Album ‘Riser’

By Annie Reuter

Dierks Bentley has repeatedly dubbed his forthcoming album, Riser, as his “most personal album.” Less than a week before the album’s release, on Feb. 25, fans can get an exclusive first listen to the record on Rolling Stone.

The album kicks off with his duet with Kacey Musgraves, “Bourbon In Kentucky,” which was released last summer. When the song didn’t take off the way he hoped, he rethought the album.

“It’s a pretty dark song,” he told Rolling Stone. “I’m not afraid of trying things. It’s a song I believe in, but it pushed the album release back about four months.”

He added: “The record I had originally made, my dad was alive at the time and my wife and I had two kids. Life was stabilized,” Bentley said. “And then all of a sudden my dad passed away. Then my wife got pregnant and my son was coming, which was just a whole mix of emotions for me.”

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Bentley explained that going back into the studio “brought more light and overall fun into the album,” which included “Back Porch” and fan favorite “Drunk on a Plane.” Additionally, instead of recording in the studio, he recorded vocals on buses and in houses while on the road.

“When I started making records that’s just what you did. I didn’t start singing in the studio, I started off singing for drunk people and I’m just used to being around people when I sing. I don’t have one of those voices that works in a perfectly sterile environment. I don’t sing in multiple octaves, I just come more from the bluegrass school of singing with more emotion.”

Stream Dierks Bentley’s Riser at Rolling Stone.


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