Martina McBride & Larry King Talk Gay ‘Acceptance’ Among Country Fans

"I don't know about singling out country music."

By Kurt Wolff

It’s no secret that country artist Martina McBride is not just tolerant but supportive of different lifestyle choices and points of view. And during a recent interview with Larry King¬†for, she reaffirmed what she described as an “acceptance” of others — including the gay community. Watch a clip below:

“You speak out a lot about the gay issue,” King said, citing quotes from McBride in such media sources as Out (“tolerance is very important,” she said at the time). But since McBride is an artist working in a genre that is not stereotypically associated with ‘progressive’ politics and social causes, he wanted to know if that was ever a problem for her. “Do you get a lot of backlash from the conservatives in the country community?” he asked.

“No I don’t actually,” McBride admitted — an answer that seemed as much about deflating the ‘all country fans are conservative’ stereotype as it was defending her personal point of view. “I don’t know that you can generalize like that,” she continued, referring to how country music fans might react to any issues — including those involving gay rights. “There are people that are not tolerant and accepting, and there are people that are.”

But, King pressed, personally speaking “you never had repercussions?”

“I haven’t,” McBride answered without hesitation. “I think there are people in every kind of music, and every walk of life, that are conservative and don’t agree with it, and people that do agree with it. So I don’t know about singling out country music.”

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“Obviously, we have a lot of conservative fans in country music,” she admitted, “but I don’t think of my fans as ‘one way.’ I think I have a very diverse group of fans.”

King then shifted the conversation to the group wedding ceremony that took place during the recent GRAMMY Awards — a ceremony that included both straight and same-sex couples. “I thought it was really great — really moving and emotional,” McBride said. “I was in the audience. And just to see the happiness and the joy on their faces, and being part of that moment, was….”

“Great idea…,” King chimed in, finishing her sentence.


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