Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos Accuses Pharrell of ‘Borrowing’ Riff

By Shannon Carlin

Remember Franz Ferdinand’s 2004 hit, “Take Me Out”? No? Well you and Pharrell might have something in common.

Today (Jan. 31), Franz Ferdinand’s lead singer Alex Kapranos called out the GRAMMY-award winning producer for “borrowing” his band’s riff for a track he wrote and produced (and is also featured on) for English singer Paloma Faith.

Kapranos tweeted, “Hey Pharrell, If you want to borrow a riff, just ask…”

Now while Pharrell might not have meant to pilfer the riff, Faith’s track, “Can’t Rely On You,” does sound quite a bit similar. Though, this new track also sounds a little like “Blurred Lines,” a track Pharrell also wrote and produced, so there’s some borrowing going on all over the place.

Listen for yourself below.

Pharrell has yet to comment on the claims, while Pitchfork reports that Faith’s reps have offered no comment.

But, Kapranos doesn’t seem too mad about the whole thing. After a fan tweeted to ask whether he’d maybe buy Pharrell “a new hat once he’s paid up” —a nod to the “Happy” singer’s rather interesting headwear at the GRAMMYs— Kapranos joked, “Let’s hope it’s a hit, then. Again.”

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