Do Macklemore’s Past Tweets Question the Validity of ‘Same Love’ Sentiment?

By Shannon Carlin

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis brought people to tears with their epic GRAMMYs performance Sunday night (Jan. 26), which had them marrying 33 couples on stage with help from Madonna and Queen Latifah during their song, “Same Love.” The morning after the two sat down with Ellen—who debuted their song “Same Love” on her show over a year ago—to talk about how the performance came together.

Lewis says it started because the award show’s executive producer, Ken Ehrlich’s daughter was a fan of the band and she told her dad that the duo have actually had proposals on stage. Ehrlich thought it would make for a good show.

Macklemore spoke about the emotional performance, saying he got goosebumps when he saw the couples walk into the auditorium during the third verse. Though, at first he assumed all the applause was for him.

“I was just thinking I was rapping really well at that point,” he said. “People were just like, ‘I love this verse!'”

But while some are praising Macklemore’s performance, others are focusing on some rather questionable tweets he wrote in 2009.

As Jezebel points out, if you do a quick search of Macklemore’s Twitter feed you’ll find some very anti-“Same Love” sentiments, including messages in which he uses the word “fag” and “dykes.” They also point out a particular tweet from May 2009 that has the rapper writing, “No homo…I love new york! Pause. I’m so not gay!”

The Washington Post later tried to put Macklemore’s Twitter history into perspective, writing that out of his 15,510 tweets, fewer than two dozen ever use the word “gay.” They also note that one of the offensive tweets people are talking about that uses the word “dyke” is actually the name of a Seattle charity event and the other could be taken as a jab to those who say the phrase “I’m so not gay.”

Macklemore has yet to respond in defense of his past tweets, but it can be confirmed that the rapper always has been, and will be, a supporter of thrift shopping.


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