50 Cent Continues Sex Tape Court Battle With Rick Ross’ Ex

By Annie Reuter

Don’t beef with 50 Cent.

Rick Ross‘ ex-girlfriend, Lastonia Leviston, is learning this the hard way. According to Hip Hop Wired, in 2009 while 50 and Ross were in the midst of a feud, a man named Maurice Murray passed along a sex tape to 50 that he made with Leviston.

Later, 50 Cent decided to put himself into the sex tape as a character named Pimpin’ Curly, a dig at Ross. In the video, which leaked in 2010, Murray was blurred out — but Leviston was not. While 50 claims he wasn’t responsible for the video’s release, Leviston sees it differently. She filed a lawsuit against the rapper in 2010 claiming “emotional distress,” among other damages.

As Billboard reports, a New York judge refused 50 Cent’s latest motion to dismiss the case. While 50 claims he wasn’t responsible for the sex tape being leaked, the judge disagrees with his argument that it was “legally fair to use the images.”

Judge Paul Wooten has not overthrown the case, citing that Leviston’s diary “reveals that Leviston entertained suicidal ideation as a result of the release of the video tape, and that she was unable to function normally in her daily life.”

(Rick Diamond/Getty Images)(Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

The New York Post reports that 50 Cent said his sole motive in placing himself in the video “was to respond to Ross’s ‘disrespecting’ him,” according to court papers. In 2010, the video was leaked and received over three million hits after being distributed on several websites.

The case will continue in court for a jury to decide if Leviston’s mental suffering was “genuine and extreme.”


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