Watch Sky Ferreira Wig Out in New Video for ‘Night Time, My Time’

(Courtesy of Capitol)

(Courtesy of Capitol)

For Sky Ferreira‘s new video for the title track off her debut, Night Time, My Time the singer shows us what happens in the dark. Spoiler: It includes several different colored wigs, fur coats and lingerie.

But in the clip for the moody track, Ferreira is definitely more creepy than sexy. She slinks around in a codeine-induced haze, riding kiddie rides in a baby doll nightgown and taking a limo out into the desert, only to end up washing away the night’s weird events alone in her shower.

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For her appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman last night (Nov. 25), Sky also kept things dark, wearing all-black and keeping her sunglasses on the whole time while performing her single, “You’re Not The One.”

Her very loud 4-piece band sometimes made it hard to hear her, and from the looks of her plugging her ears with her finger, hard for her to hear herself too, but she powered through with a little help from a backing track to nail the bridge.

Sky, who just finished her own tour, will be opening for Miley Cyrus when her Bangerz tour kicks off on Valentine’s Day in Vancouver, BC.

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