‘A Night with Giorgio Moroder’ Coming to Las Vegas

By Scott T. Sterling

It’s the show he was born to create.

After decades spent crafting some of the most extravagant and influential disco tracks of all-time, GRAMMY-winning producer Giorgio Moroder is planning a flashy Las Vegas stage show that could expand around the world. To think, just months ago the 73-year-old was spinning his first live DJ set ever.

Having helmed such timeless dance floor classics as Donna Summer‘s “I Feel Love” and Blondie‘s “Call Me,” Moroder has announced that he’s been working with “a huge American management company” on a lavish stage show called “A Night with Giorgio Moroder,” which he describes as a “permanent show, based on disco.”

“I would do the DJing, but maybe before me we have another famous DJ, maybe somebody after,” he told The Guardian. “We of course have a ball, dancers in a cage: recreate Studio 54, and have it in Vegas, Macau, London. Of course I wouldn’t just use my own songs – there are so many great disco songs, Chic and all those guys…We’re thinking of starting first in Vegas [but] it will probably be a bit like Blue Man Group – they have a franchise. We might even talk to the Cirque De Soleil team.”

According to the producer, “A Night with Giorgio Moroder” could be ready “in a few months.”

The show follows a renewed interest in Moroder’s vast history of music, thanks in large part to his heightened profile as one of the featured collaborators on Daft Punk‘s blockbuster album from earlier this year, Random Access Memories. The attention has swept him into the superstar DJ circuit, with the producer appearing alongside Deadmau5 and Skrillex at this year’s HARD Day of the Dead EDM festival in Los Angeles.


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