Pusha T Teams Up with Rick Ross in Emotional ‘Hold On’ Video

(Karl Walters/Getty Images)

(Karl Walters/Getty Images)

For many hardcore hip-hop fans, the best rap album of 2013 didn’t come from such high-profile artists as Kanye West, Jay Z or Eminem, but from Clipse member Pusha T, who delivered the euphorically received My Name is My Name full-length in October.

For album track “Hold On,” Pusha T has recruited Rick Ross to craft an emotional music video that illustrates the harsh realities found in the moody song’s unrepentant lyrics:”Got rich selling hope to the hopeless/But I’m a thinker, methodic in my motives/I motivate to put my n—– into motors.” The album’s executive producer Kanye West’s Autotuned harmonizing can be heard throughout the song.

The clip finds both rappers delivering their testimonial verses to a room full of listeners in a setting similar to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, interspersed with grim street scenes of police brutality and street life. The scene morphs into a funeral setting, with shots of black men holding candles and wearing t-shirts depicting victims of random gun violence, including Trayvon Martin.

“The concept of ‘Hold On’ is me and Ross performing in front of some neighborhood guys, lecturing and basically telling the people of the neighborhood — our peers, essentially — that we’re here for them and we’re doing this for them,” Push T told MTV News recently regarding the clip.

“Ross is a perfect fit for any song with me, personally, because I feel like he’s one of the people I could count on to give a clean, concise, immaculate verse,” Push added in praise of his video co-star.

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