James Murphy’s Remix of David Bowie’s ‘Love is Lost’ Gets a Second Music Video

(Jeremy D. Larson/Radio.com)

(Jeremy D. Larson/Radio.com)

James Murphy and David Bowie are getting much video mileage out of Murphy’s recent 10-minute remix of “Love is Lost,” the fifth single from Bowie’s 2013 comeback album, The Next Day.

Murphy’s “Hello Steve Reich Mix” of “Love is Lost” has already received the video treatment, with a famously low-budget $13 video that showcased Bowie’s puppet collections. That clip, however, was for the 4-minute edit of Murphy’s extended version.

Now, Vice has premiered a new clip set to the full 10+minute original remix, a dazzling visual explosion from director Barnaby Roper (he’s previously worked with Kanye West and the Temper Trap) that’s packed with flashy digital effects. Watch the full video here.

The Murphy remix was originally commissioned for the expanded three-disc collector’s edition of The Next Day, which comes with an additional 10 songs, music videos and more extras.

When he’s not building tributes to minimal music pioneers like Steve Reich on David Bowie remixes, James Murphy most recently helped produce the Arcade Fire’s beat-crazy new album, Reflektor, with the former LCD Soundsystem frontman downplaying his producer role in the press.

“This is a nice situation where they have tended to say very nice things about the work I did and I have tended to say that I didn’t do that much,” he recently told Rolling Stone. “All I needed to do was just help provide clarity in a different way, so it was pretty fun and nice and everyone was remarkably respectful of one another.”

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