Lady Gaga Storms NYC With ARTPOP Pop-Up Shop

(Courtney E. Smith for

(Courtney E. Smith for

The most fashionable street in New York City is, arguably, 14th Street between 9th Ave and the High Line.

And for the next three days, between Stella McCartney and Donna Karan’s flagship stores, will stand ARTPOP Pop Up: A Lady Gaga Gallery. The location serves multiple purposes: It’s a living embodiment of the ARTPOP album, from the lyrics on the wall to the reproductions of various pieces of artwork and photography associated to the album; it’s a gallery-by-way-of-shrine for Gaga, whose former costumes and Glamour Woman of the Year issues are on display right where they eye could spy them; and, it’s an interactive pop-up store where ARTPOP merch can be purchased and the Gaga “Applause” experience in the Just Dance 2014 video game can be learned from “Applause” dancers.

(Courtney E. Smith for

(Courtney E. Smith for

Under the mantra posted over the front entrance, that “ARTPOP could mean anything,” Gaga the artist gives free reign inside to fans to create their own art. In the center of the store there is a small room whose walls are lined with white paper. Fans are encouraged to take up the markers available there and create their own message.

(Courtney E. Smith for

(Courtney E. Smith for

As he does in the lyrics to “Applause,” so too does Jeff Koons, Gaga’s artistic inspiration/aspiration, make an appearance here. Following in his footsteps, Gaga is mixing marketing, pop culture and art all in one store — strike that, gallery. Strike that, multi-media experience. Strike that, you’re all correct but only because ARTPOP can be anything according to Gaga’s rules.

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