B.o.B Set to Release New Album in December

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

B.o.B is set to release his new album, Underground Luxury, on December 21 and the Atlanta rapper says it is much different than his previous two records.

In an interview with Rolling StoneB.o.B (real name, Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr) said his new album has him returning to his grittier roots with a little help from fellow ATL rapper Future, who appears on his new single “Ready.”

“What Future brings to the song is just crazy,” B.o.B said. “Future came up with the hook and brought it to me first. I heard it and I loved it and so I spent a couple of days just trying to live with it and letting the music flow.”

The song is also an example of his new writing style, which is more about letting things form organically.

“The way I write now, I just try and let the music come to me,” he explained. “I really don’t try to force anything, so if I catch something like a vibe or a feeling then I catch something and go with it and let that direct me. I feel like it’s a more natural way to finish songs.”

His upcoming album also features T.I. and Chris Brown, who B.o.B previously worked with on his last album, 2012’s Strange Clouds.

“He’s dope, man,” B.o.B said about Brown. “We were at the studio and we always work in a lot of the same studios so he just stuck his head in the studio one day and I was like, ‘Yo, man, I got some s*** that I need to play you.’ So he played me one of his records for his album and we both got on each other’s album.”

The rapper also gave more detail about his allegedly rock EP, which he says is very much true, but might not be as “rock” as people think.

“It’s gonna be rock ‘n’ roll done my way, you know, I’m not really chasing after a traditional rock ‘n’ roll sound,” he explained. “The reason I say rock EP is because I’m so inclined to have live instrumentation on it. I play guitar, keys and bass myself and I just love live music that way. To an untrained ear it might appear to be a rock EP but it’s written really just by me not holding myself back from how far I want to take live music.”

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