Kanye West Goes a Little Too Crazy on Jimmy Kimmel with Twitter Tirade

Update (9/27, 3:10 p.m. EST) Following Jimmy Kimmel’s somewhat bewildered response to Kanye West’s Twitter rant and phone call last night, the rapper has returned to the social media website to fire even more shots at the late-night talk show host and comedian.

Instead of ranting at Kimmel directly, however, West this time utilized the words of others to make his point.

First he fired off a comment from Jibril Durimel, a noted fashion and brand consultant, over the course of eight tweets.

“It’s simple, mediocre dreamers think this is humorous but all Kanye is pretty much saying in the interview is to dream to be the best,” Durimel said. “Jimmy K. is the EVIL guy trying to keep people in a box and not want more out of themselves. He does this by making fun of real dreamers.”

West also retweeted a message from music industry power player Irving Azoff chastising Kimmel directly: “Your low blow comment was uncalled for and shows that you still don’t understand the big time.”

Update (9/27, 9:50 a.m. EST) Jimmy Kimmel’s finally found himself in the midst of a rap feud.

After Kanye’s Twitter tirade on Thursday (September 26), Kimmel responded via his late night show, letting the audience know he had talked to Kanye about his parody of the rapper’s interview with Radio 1 DJ, Zane Lowe.

“He called me, he said a lot of things, ” Kimmel said. “He told me I had two choices: number one apologize publicly, um, and that was really the only choice.”

Instead of apologizing, Kimmel instead decided to respond to each one of Kanye’s tweets individually, from Yeezy’s comments that Sarah Silverman is funnier to the fact that the comedian wouldn’t be able to put himself in Kanye’s shoes because that means he would have “gotten too much good p****y” in his life.

“I’ve seen the video,” Kimmel responded. “I know.”

Ball’s in your court, Kanye.

On last night’s (September 25) episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the late-night talk show host and comedian featured a skit with two kids parodying Kanye West‘s recent on-camera interview with popular BBC Radio 1 DJ, Zane Lowe.

The skit simply featured the children reading actual lines from the interview, augmented with chocolate milkshakes. The kid playing West especially immersed himself in the role, capturing West’s onscreen intensity while railing about leather jogging pants and being the world’s biggest rock star.

West, however, seemed not to see the humor in the skit, launching into an enraged caps-locked rant against Kimmel on Twitter, calling the talk show host “out of line” because he dared “to spoof in any way the first piece of honest media in years.”

For someone who rarely tweets, West’s Twitter rant quickly turned into a comically bitter barrage that grew curiously personal, with the rapper making fun of Kimmel’s face, dropping an off-color remark involving actor Ben Affleck (although he did add the disclaimer “#NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK”), praising Kimmel’s ex-girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, and eventually resorting to bizarre memes, including one featuring Spongebob Squarepants.

Given Kimmel’s recent success with trolling the world with elaborate hoaxes, however, the over-the-top ranting from the rapper reeks of yet another spoof, although West’s penchant for public tirades could make it all very real.

Either way, the bizarre situation is sure to be addressed on tonight’s (September 26) Kimmel show, driving ratings not to mention keeping West’s name near the top of the pop culture news cycle between the latest antics from Miley Cyrus and, well, Miley Cyrus.

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